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   A New Way to Move, Market, and Merchandise Your Product 

A Recyclable Solution 

Made entirely from renewable resources, EnviroSense™ PaperBlister™ package is plastic-free and recyclable in the paper stream. No VOCs are connected with the package and it's available with SFI® certification when requested. 

Ships Efficiently 

This all-paper blister weighs less than traditional plastic blister packs. That means you can ship with fewer shipping cartons, less packaging material, and get more packages per truckload. 

A Clear Message 

The EnviroSense PaperBlister package allows for more space for promotional messages and unique opportunities for new packaging design. The packaging can also feature cut-outs on the face of the package. 

Get Started

Ready to learn how EnviroSense PaperBlister package can work for you? 
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PaperBlister™ PackagePaperBlister™ Package
PaperBlister™ PackagePaperBlister™ Package

PaperBlister™ Package