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Sonoco Alloyd is the acknowledged leader in high-quality, innovative, value-creating packaging solutions.

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Sonoco Alloyd customizes face-seal and trapped blisters, clamshells, trays, and displays for your application.

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Sonoco Alloyd puts state-of-the-art print capabilities to work for blister cards, insert cards, and folding cartons.

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Sonoco Alloyd designs heat-sealing tooling to your specifications, guaranteeing the highest quality seal.

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Sonoco Alloyd is the leading provider of sealing machines that improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs and advance operator/equipment interaction through ergonomically enhanced designs.

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Fully Integrated Solution.

Sonoco Alloyd fully integrates every step of your package solution, assuring you quality, reliability, and speed to market.

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November 2-5, 2014
McCormick Center - Chicago, IL
Booth #S-2153
Attend North America's largest packaging show while being introduced to the latest packaging technologies and ideas from all industries.Gain valuable knowledge you can't find anywhere else! Visit us at booth S-2153 and click here for free admission using code 69B42.

Design Services

We create unique, alluring and personalized packaging that builds an emotional connection with your customer. Our in-house design team is integrated into our package creation process to accelerate the delivery of your product to the marketplace.

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Improve Your Packaging

We perform comprehensive packaging evaluations to ensure that your product takes up less space in transit and garners more attention on the shelf. In addition, our evaluations identify opportunities to improve your supply chain and eliminate waste.


Spotlight on PET Plastics

Products that are packaged in PET plastic, a strong but lightweight material, are lighter and therefore require less fuel to ship. Utilizing PET plastic in our packaging is just one way we’re reducing shipping costs and protecting the environment. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

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